Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Who ever said Danes aren't friendly?

Today, Rachel and I decided to venture down to Nyhavn and take some pictures. We figured out which bus to take to get close, but as soon as we stepped off the bus, we weren't sure in which direction to walk. We pulled out the map (if the cameras hadn't pinned us as tourists, the map sure did) and within seconds a Danish woman walked up to us and asked if we needed help. She was very nice and pointed us in the right direction. (Hence the title of this post.) Once again, my camera soon proved to not be cut out for the frigid temperatures of Denmark, but I still got some pictures. A few people asked us to take pictures of them, and one returned the favor. After wandering for a little bit, we decided we needed food. After looking at the menus outside some restaurants, we saw a sign for Danish pancakes and the final decision was quickly made. We entered the tiny little restaurant and ordered ourselves the pancakes, complete with chocolate sauce, jam, ice cream, and almonds. (Yes, I took a picture. I had to.)

After our wonderful lunch (much more of a dessert really, but totally worth it), we made our way back to the shopping street and went in a few stores. We both got new scarves. That is something I have quickly learned here in Copenhagen: you can never have too many scarves. Trust me on this. We are now back home relaxing, with our lanterns glowing in the window. 

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