Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Homework, Candy, And Wine.

Grocery shopping trip number two resulted in wine and candy... among other things that are actually in the main food groups (don't worry Mom and Dad!). I cooked pasta and chicken for dinner- see, real food. And then Rachel and I came back to our room intending to do some homework (luckily just some reading), made slightly more enjoyable with a glass of white wine. We've gotten a little distracted in between but we're going to buckle down and then go be social. 

And because I relish distraction and not so much homework, I'll just write a little more...
Today I had two more meetings, one of which was for my core course Positive Psychology. I met the class that I will be traveling to London with in March and it seems like a fun group of people. Hopefully that impression is correct. Classes start tomorrow but I have it pretty easy because Thursdays are the days I would go to my Positive Psychology Practicum, which is an after-school program with little Danish children. We just have a two-hour orientation tomorrow from 10:00-12:00 and then I'm done for the day! I'm thinking about bringing my camera into town and being embarrassingly touristy for a little while. If so, stay posted for some wonderful (hopefully) pictures of København.

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