Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Quick List

It's been a few days so I should probably make a new post, but to be completely honest I have not done anything of great consequence. I suppose there are a few quick things I can mention in the form of a list. I do love list-making. I usually have at least three different lists going at once: things to do, groceries to get, places to see. The list goes on. Yes, the list of lists. I have a problem. Anyway...

1. On Thursday, I happened to come across Hans Christian Andersen's grave. It was actually pretty interesting to see. I was on my way to the after-school program that I will be going to every Thursday, and I needed to walk through what I thought was a park in order to get from the bus stop to my site. This park turned out to be a cemetery. A very nice one, too. I saw a sign for "H. C. Andersen," and because I was early for my meeting anyway, I decided to check it out. On my way back, I saw a sign for Søren Kierkegaard and although I tried to find his headstone, I could not. I'll have to try a little harder next time.

2. Last night, Tim and I went to visit Denise. She is living in a host family and it was really nice to actually get to spend time with her, as well as meet some of her family and, of course, her dogs! Her family has two Samoyeds. Their names are Nova and Vigga and they are mother and daughter. I got some very necessary dog therapy, and spent most of the evening sitting on the floor cuddling with the two of them. Needless to say, I was immensely happy and content. 

3. This morning I went on a brief tour of Rosenborg Castle, which was the home of Christian IV. The Crown Jewels are exhibited there, and they are amazing. Once again, it was too cold for my camera. I have now been informed though that a different kind of battery may help my camera brave the freezing temperatures of good ol' Copenhagen. I really hope this is true so I can start posting some pictures again soon.

But until then, here is a photo of a few buildings in town. I see them every day, and I absolutely love the colors. 

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