Saturday, January 12, 2013

Packing: Take Two.

I WIN. One step forward, two steps back, but I got there. I completely unpacked both suitcases, decided against bringing only a few more items of clothing, and then repacked. I was much smarter this time around and used every single compartment and pocket on both suitcases. It made a huge difference, and my stress level was significantly decreased. Thank goodness. 

I have a few last things to do before my flight tomorrow evening, but I am mostly packed. The fact that I will be in a different country and a different continent in a little over a day has definitely not sunk in yet. It might seem more real once I am at the airport, but right now, it is still very surreal. 


  1. Att packa är inte lätt, skönt att det gick bra. Har du plats för några nya inköp eller är det helt fullt i väskorna?