Sunday, January 20, 2013

An Attempt At Being Touristy.

Christiansborg Slot: The Parliament Building

Inside Christiansborg Palace Walkway
 Today Tim and I wandered around the city, hoping to stumble upon some good sites where I could take some pictures. Unfortunately within seconds of taking my camera out, it protested against the cold and went to sleep. I wish I could do that sometimes: Nope, too cold for class, I'm staying in bed all day. So I managed to keep the camera warm between sites and take a few pictures before the batteries couldn't take it anymore. We went to Rosenborg Slot, but I am taking a tour of that next weekend (I'm so excited!) so I'll have better pictures then, and Christiansborg Slot (or Palace).  Today was definitely one of the colder days, so essentially it was just barely tolerable. It was one of those wear-two-pairs-of-pants-thick-winter-socks-countless-number-of-tops-gloves-scarf-and-headband kinds of days and I still felt like my nose was going to fall off or I was seconds away from turning into one of those cartoon blocks of ice. Luckily I am mostly thawed at this point, wrapped up in my blanket with a cup of tea. 
On a lighter note, we got asked for directions today. Twice! We must look like Danes. I am perfectly alright with that. Carrying around my camera, had it been functioning, probably would have ruined the image. Hey, there's a positive side to everything. The glass is half full, right? Have I mentioned I'm studying positive psychology here...? I think I chose the right program.

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  1. Fina bilder! Jag ser fram emot att det blir varmare så att din kamera fungerar.