Saturday, January 19, 2013

Danish Hygge.

The closest translation that the Danes can find for their word "hygge" is coziness. I love this word and what it represents. And now Rachel and I have some of our very own hygge in our little room. We took  a trip to Ikea today and along with the many bargains we found, we also bought candles and lanterns. Paired with our new duvet covers, our room is already looking much more homey. 
At Ikea I couldn't pass up the traditional lunch of meatballs, mashed potatoes, sauce, and lingon- a little taste of Sweden...even if it is of the Ikea variety (Ikean?). At some point I'm sure I will go to Sweden and get some wonderful food. I've already been tempted to buy all the things in the grocery stores that I recognize from Sweden...but that's mostly candy and chocolate so I should probably resist the urge. 

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