Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Packages, blue skies, and rainbows

I've decided to do this post slightly differently. I will organize it as a list of my "three good things," which I've explained previously, and each one will even have a picture! 
Exciting stuff. 

1. As the title informs you, the first thing on my list is packages. Yesterday I received not one but two packages from friends back home at Saint Mike's. One was a Valentine's Day-themed parcel including handwritten letters, drawings, pens, a SMC keychain, and VT stickers. The other package included a Vermont postcard and two issues of the Saint Mike's newspaper, The Defender, featuring articles written by one of my best friends. I'm so proud of her. Receiving these packets in the mail and then reading all the letters and articles as I drank tea back in my room made my day. I feel so lucky to have such good friends that think of me even when I'm living in a different country on a different continent. So, I need to say thank you to Emma, Mikala, Alyssa, Cait, and Sarah!

2. Today, I saw blue skies! Let me repeat, blue skies in Copenhagen! And sunshine! It was wonderful to get a little dose of vitamin D. It really is true that when there's less of something you value it more when you do have it. And whenever the sun is out here, it's a time to celebrate.

3. Rainbows! Although, not quite the kind you're thinking of. Yes, this rainbow was created with help from the sun, but no rain was involved. The walls of my hallway are painted very vibrant colors, and when the sun is strong enough, the light coming through the windows causes the colors to reflect onto the white walls across from them. When I returned to my building after class today, I was greeted by this. I thought it was pretty beautiful.

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