Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Day of Wandering

Yesterday, Rachel and I took a walk around where we live. There is a park nearby that I usually run in, and I've been meaning to take pictures there. There are always a lot of dogs running around, which makes me happy. One of the times I was running through the park, I was watching two dogs playing in the field to my left. All of a sudden, I heard rustling in the bushes ahead of me to the right. Out jumps this huge, tan-colored animal that I initially thought was a deer. Nope, just a dog who sprinted across my path and into the field to join the other two that I had been watching. After the initial adrenaline rush subsided, I smiled at them frolicking in the snow and continued my jog. 

The comfiest seat/rocking chair thing in the park.

Relaxing. We felt a little guilty when the runners went by...

Graffiti art in the park

On our walk Rachel and I discovered the most wonderful street. All the houses were painted beautiful colors, and the trees had lights in them. I would be incredibly happy if I could live here or somewhere similar. You can't walk down this road without smiling.

We then continued to Sortedams Sø where we said hello to the ducks and swans. 

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