Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Game of Catch-Up

Alright, it has been much too long since I posted anything, and I apologize for that. And because I haven't, I have many different things to share. Here we go!

1. I have now booked tickets to go to Spain and Portugal in March. I am so excited! I am going with two girls who I have met in one of my classes here. My friend Julia is currently studying abroad in Barcelona so I hope to meet up with her while I am there. I'm sure we will have an amazing time! The only thing that we're a little worried about is the fact that we have to pay a lot to check bags we have decided to each bring one carry-on bag. This bag has to be quite small, and the airline is very strict about that. So I have to pack for one week in Portugal and Spain in one tiny little suitcase. Challenge accepted!

2. One of my favorite pastimes here in Denmark has to be finding bakeries and eating pastries. Yes, I would consider it a pastime. And because I am an absolute tourist, I take pictures of these delectable foods to share with you.
Cinnamon bun. Or kanelsnegl. Direct translation: cinnamon snail

3. I went on a short study tour with my positive psychology class to Odense and Århus in Western Denmark from Thursday to Saturday. It was an amazing trip. Although having to be in town to catch the bus at 7:15am on Thursday morning and then having two lectures/activities a day for the next three days was ridiculously exhausting, I had a great time. Everything I say is bound to sound corny, but I am truly being genuine about it. Our class really bonded, and I made some really good friends. I learned a lot about them individually, about myself, and about all of us as a group. We all had a lot of fun together, and I can't wait for our class trip to London in March. 
We did one exercise where we had to determine what our strengths or talents were. I found out that one of mine is optimism and positivity. On the bus ride home I ended up writing four pages in my journal (without getting carsick! I win), and here is a little excerpt: I've definitely been noticing this positive attitude in myself. Yeah, getting up early in the morning kind of sucks. But it's fine, there's a lot to look forward to today. The hostel room is tiny. But hey, it's only for one night, and it's a good way to get to know people and practice compromise. Do you know how hard it is for six girls to get ready in the morning in a room that barely fits three bunk beds? It's a challenge. But I thought it was fun, and to be honest, I'm really proud of this positivity trait that I've realized in myself. 

Too much to read? I understand. Time for some pictures!

An adorable street in Odense

In Odense

Hans Christian Andersen's house

Christie and I outside Hans Christian Andersen's house

Sankt Hans Kirke in Odense. Absolutely beautiful.

Women's handball game

Women's handball game

Hostel in Skanderborg we stayed at the first night

Sitting next to the lake by our hostel 

Hostel in Århus we stayed at the second night

Traditional Danish lunch: open faced sandwiches

Traditional Danish birthday cake. We were so spoiled on this trip.

ARoS Museum: Boy 

ARoS Museum: Edvard Munch exhibit

ARoS Museum: Your Rainbow Panorama

The whole class at ARoS Museum

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