Wednesday, May 15, 2013


I forgot to mention Ruby last time, but she probably deserves her own post anyway. This is the wonderful bike that I rented for the past few weeks. After some difficult starts and a little wariness on both ends, we became good friends. She was so helpful in getting around, even if I was a little nervous about it. She was a touch too tall for me so there were some wobbly starts and stops originally. For instance, I had to stop at a red light once and almost fell off her upon stopping. As luck has it, the light then quickly turned green as I struggled to remain upright, and a young boy zoomed past on his bike. He glanced over his shoulder at me, and I'm sure he was wondering why a 20-something year old in Copenhagen was having so much trouble biking. I swear there are three-year-olds who are more stable on their bicycles than I am.

I returned her today and it was a sad goodbye. She was a loyal steed, and I will miss her. 

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