Monday, April 15, 2013

Møns Klint

Last weekend I went on a day trip to Møns Klint, which are chalk cliffs on the east coast of the island of Møn in Denmark. Before telling a little more about the experience I have to say that I remember signing up for this trip when I came to Copenhagen in January and thinking that the trip wasn't happening for such a long time. And now it has come and gone. It's amazing how fast time is going by! There are definitely pros and cons to it. The way I've described it to everyone who has already asked is that I will be excited to go home and see my family and friends and just be home, but that does not mean that I'll be excited to actually leave Copenhagen. They're definitely two separate things. I know that I will miss being here terribly. Anyway, whenever my roommate and I start talking about how little time we have left we get really upset and rush to change the, Møns Klint!

We got up somewhat early on a Sunday to get a bus that DIS had arranged for us and drove for about two hours, meaning I got about two more hours of sleep- can't complain there! When we got there we were introduced to our tour guides and then continued to walk down 400-something steps to get down to the water. Quick side comment: going down that many stairs was fine, but going back up was a different story. Anyway, among other things, our tour guide told us about the fossils that could be found on the beach and then left us to see what we could discover. I found a few fossils, and felt like a little kid again when I came home with rocks in my pockets and backpack.

The cliffs were absolutely beautiful, and despite the fact that it eventually starting raining which then turned to snow, it was a great day.

Fossil hunting!

Two of the fossils I found. They came from octopi!
They're the tubes that gases go in and out of so the octopus can rise and sink in the water. 

Pausing for a break on the way back up almost 500 steps.

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